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How Damen Griffith Scaled His Business in the Health and Fitness Industry

Being a successful fitness coach necessitates more than just passion, it requires a sustainable approach, which includes a business strategy and thorough preparation. By doing so, you can ensure your success in helping others achieve their goals and in garnering income. Take it from bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and full-time dad, Damen Griffith, who has turned his passion for fitness into a profitable business. 

Early beginning

Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Damen Griffith grew up as a diligent individual, having worked at his father’s ranch with cattle and exotic animals. As a child, he was always active outside and enjoyed constantly doing something and moving forward. Just like other boys who witnessed the golden age of bodybuilding, he admired the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was inspired to sculpt his own. At the age of 14, he started to weightlift in his room with minimal equipment, specifically using some dumbbells his dad has bought for him. Instantly, he responded to his newfound hobby of working out and it transformed into a passion; he fell in love with being different from all the regular people that surrounded him. 

As Damen grew older, his friends and family began to notice his progress and became interested in getting into fitness as well. They wanted to seek assistance in order to enhance their physiques and look better among other reasons. The intrinsic reward he felt from helping someone else led him to conceptualize the idea to turn his passion for fitness into a business while making people happier. Once he started to realize that he can be an avenue for others to attain the change they want—to look better and to become healthier—he knew it was his calling to guide people through their transformative journey, 

Aligning passion with profitability

Unsure of what awaits him in the future, he pursued tertiary education after high school while simultaneously working for his father and training personal clients at the gym. At this point, he knew that the most optimal way to widen his network and increase his income was by growing his social media presence, hence, he invested in building his Instagram profile. 

He started posting information about fitness, workouts, and personal photographs of his physical progress among others to target his audience, wherein his previous clients became his testimonials. He also offered meal and workout plans online to assess the feasibility of his business idea. Once he reached around 35000 followers, he decided to open up a shop and start making money.

He received amazing results, which allowed him to reach thousands of people a month through client referrals, posts, and influence, and earn more money with his 12-week programs. This meant he was doing better than ever! 

Once his following came closer to 100k, he started to garner the attention of sponsors and other big influencers, allowing him to network even more. With that, he has been a Bang Energy elite athlete for three years and an Icon meals athlete for almost four years.

At present, he has transformed the lives of thousands of clients across the globe and he is on a mission to reach more people to help them become active and fit. In addition, he also helps other coaches to grow and scale their online businesses the way he has. He strives to project his aspirations as an authority in the fitness scene through his social media platforms to reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people and leave a lasting impact.

To know more about Damen Griffith and his secrets to scaling his passion for fitness into a profitable business, you can reach him through Instagram or you can visit his website.  

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