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Keeping Your Prostate Healthy and Happy

The gland in your body responsible for fertility and possibly also having healthy erections, and just happens to enlarge with age, instead of shrinking is your prostate.

Due to your prostate, as you age, you are more likely to use the restroom more often than you are regularly used to. You’ll have to know where every restroom is located when you head to a friends house or the grocery store, even while playing cards with your friends you’ll have to interrupt constantly to use the restroom. Initially you won’t feel like it is a serious problem, but it is just the beginning. Your prostate gland just like other functions in your body are a reminder that you are not getting any younger and things are just not the same.

Your prostate is about the size of a walnut and sits next to the base of your penis. Your prostate wraps around your urethra (where your urine travels from). When your prostate enlarges with age, this is known as benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH. There are many theories about why the prostate enlarges with age but the real reasons are still unknown. The prostate will continue to grow as you age, which causes in some cases some serious urination issues. This will usually occur in about 50% of men by the age of 60 and almost 100% of men by the time they are 80. Don’t you wish your penis could grow bigger and your prostate smaller instead!

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Prostate enlargement is kind of inevitable. At times, urinary issues related to an enlarged prostate are treated with alpha-blockers, they essentially enlarge the urethral channel by relaxing the muscle fibers within it. You can start with supplements like pumpkin seeds (zinc), stinging nettle extract, pygeum, rye grass or beta-sitosterol extract and cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli) or a dedicated prostate supplement like ProstaGenix. There are also other drugs you can take called 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors; they actually shrink the gland by 1/3 of its size and can also help urination.

If your stream is still weak, there are also many other procedures used to treat BPH, some of those procedures will remove excess prostatic tissue. Some of the procedures do involve lasers. Your prostate can become inflamed, this is known as prostatitis, it can occur in a significant amount of men at least once their lifetime. The symptoms are not subtle many men with prostatitis pee firewater several times in just an hour. You can proactively avoid prostatitis by ensuring you are well hydrated and do not ignore BPH when it occurs, take immediate action. 

Avoid The “C” in Prostate

Another issue you can experience with your prostate is a major one. That’s right, prostate cancer! If it is caught early the success stories trend very positively. Many men do not know that prostate cancer grows much more slowly than other cancers. Prostate cancer doubles every 2-3 years versus every 4-6 months like other cancers. You are 8-10 times more likely to develop and die from heart disease than prostate cancer. The risk of prostate cancer increases as you age. Many men may have prostate cancer without knowing they have it.

Genetics do play a role in prostate cancer, however there are many proactive steps you can take to prevent prostate cancer. If you follow a healthy diet like, having heart-healthy foods low in animal fat and carbohydrates this is a major proven preventative step. You can also prevent prostate cancer by exercising, reducing your stress level, and managing your weight.

Try to eat healthy fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants which will protect your body from cancer-causing oxidants. Green tea and soy are also known to promote prostate health. Try to eat more omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in fish. Obesity has been directly linked to prostate cancer, so you should definitely be limiting the amount of sugar you consume. Lastly there are supplements that can help support and promote prostate health. For so many reasons do not ignore your prostate symptoms, make sure you are proactively caring for your health. If you maintain a healthy prostate you will have a happy life.

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