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Benefits of Living a Green Lifestyle

People across the globe are adopting a green lifestyle, so what’s all the fuss about, besides wanting to save the planet?

Reasons To Go Green

Besides giving the planet a helping hand, going green is beneficial for every individual on a personal level.

Increased resale value of a home

Making your home eco-friendlier will make it more valuable to prospective buyers who will appreciate the fact they will save money from their energy bill, and be less exposed to toxic materials as sustainable homes are built from sustainable materials that also last longer. Green investments practically pay for themselves.


Besides getting tax discounts or credits for making your home greener, you will also pay lower energy bills as you will be using much less energy and water.


An eco-friendly home is a more durable home because it is built to last.

Improved health

Sustainable materials are natural and the fewer chemicals you use, the healthier you’ll be. Eco-friendly homes have better indoor air as a result of less volatile paints, carpets and cleaners. When you breathe polluted air, you are inhaling toxic chemicals that could potentially weaken your body’s immune system’s ability to fight against infections. Everything from household products to cosmetic products can be 100% natural and clean.

A cleaner environment

Going green means reducing your carbon footprint which means less pollution and waste. It is our best shot at combatting climate change, preserving wildlife and making sure we have fresh water to drink (read: stay alive).

Tips To Start and Stick to a Green Lifestyle

Going green is far more than plastic bag recycling and avoiding chemicals. It’s a mindset that can make a big difference in how you perceive the world around you as well as how you impact others. All it takes is compassion, awareness and effort. It’s about a personal approach in helping preserve the planet while improving your health, happiness and wallet.

To begin, you need to find a realistic balance between sustainability and the needs of your life. Investigate what you can achieve easily such as walking instead of driving to work. Think of creative ways to show your community some love such as by buying local and organic foods. There’s no need to aim to change the whole world as remember: the world is made of every single individual so anyone you make better off instantly boosts the overall sum. The most important thing to remember is kindness: being kind to yourself others and the planet will get you on the right track. Finding this kind of deeper meaning in sustainability will make you think twice before using a non-recyclable plastic coffee cup.

3. Simple Sustainable Tips

Obviously, there are many simple things you can do to make your life greener.

Use tech for good

These days, there’s an app for everything, including sharing surplus food so you don’t have to throw away your leftovers. You can also find a ton of recipes on how to treat “food waste” as ingredients and save money from buying new groceries.

Take care of your devices

By simply cleaning and maintaining your appliances, you will prolong their life as you should keep in mind that besides paying for a new appliance, throwing away the old one results in a huge carbon impact. Regular maintenance will also make sure they run efficiently which will save you a significant amount of money on your PECO utility bill along the way.

Ditch plastics

There is a whole world of plastics-free products, including cosmetics and even sanitary products waiting for you. If you buy organic, it’ll be much less wrapped in plastics than imported goods.

Discover the DIY universe

Make your own cleaners, detergents and cosmetics. You will have a say in the ingredients, and save a ton of money along the way.

Conserve energy

Seal drafts to avoid lost energy. Wash only full loads and to further reduce washing, neutralize smells with a spritz of diluted vodka or a simple spray made of alcohol and lemon essential oil. It also does wonders with stains, by the way. Nature has a solution for everything!


At the end of the day, going green is a personal choice. It is embraced by those who want to contribute to making the world a better place for the generations to come as we did not inherit it from our ancestors but merely borrowed it from them. The least we can do is return it even better than we have found as opposed to ruining it for everyone. In simple worlds, the better we take care of the world, the longer it will last.

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