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EVER DURABLE: Get Your Everdure Products Today

Ever durable! Just as the word insinuates, it means something long-lasting and effective. Everdure, a brand of high quality, innovative grills and accessories, offers the best solutions in cooking, giving food a better taste. They have won International Excellence Awards, Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards Australia, and IF World Design Guide Awards. Everdure has been a trusted Australian brand for over 30 years and has diversified into the USA, Europe, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Asia. 

Everdure Grills 

Everdure grills have seamless designs suitable for outdoor cooking. The Everdure FURNACE and FORCE gas grills have a die-cast aluminum body that prevents rusting despite the weather conditions and are available in a range of contemporary colors. In addition, they’re integrated with flame tamers to avoid flare-ups and burner port clogging to keep your grill safe. 

The HUB II, HUB & FUSION charcoal grills have a built-in rotisserie system which you can easily set up over the charcoal at three different heights. The Cliplock ForksTM ensures your food is held tight as the rotisserie turns. 

With a touch of a button, the charcoal will ignite in only 10 minutes, thanks to the Fast Flame Ignition SystemTM on the 4K, HUB II, HUB & FUSION. If  you are looking for a grill to use on the go, the portable CUBE is the perfect companion. It’s designed for impromptu grilling away from home. It features an integrated food-grade storage tray, preparation board, and porcelain enamel firebox, making it easy to use and clean.

Why You Need an Everdure Grill 

  1. Durability 

As mentioned, these products are of world-class designs and thus are of high value compared to other grills. They serve the best purpose, and their ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions makes them worth a lifetime. 

The grills are stylish yet compatible; they are quick to heat, have various color options with a UV coating that will not fade. In addition, the ability of the grills to withstand the test of time with their designs, the ease of use, and its ease to clean make them reliable. 

  1. Convenience

All of Everdure’s grills are easy to set up, clean, and use. Thanks to instant searing, the gas grills are ready to go in just five minutes, and Everdure’s Fast Flame Ignition SystemTM allows their charcoal grills to ignite within ten minutes. 

Everdure’s fully equipped Mobile Preparation Kitchen gives you the convenience of not leaving the side of the grill as you prepare your meal. It features chopping and serving boards, knife slots, spaces for condiments, herbs & even an ice compartment to keep your wine cool! It also features a pull-out bin and internal storage drawers. 

There is also a built-in rotisserie in the HUB II, HUB , and FUSION that helps automate height adjustment. The HUB II features a discrete motor that powers the rotisserie. 

  1. Effective

Everdure’s grills are highly effective. The gas grills enable you to master the art of convection cooking thanks to the high hood design, which allows for 360-degree circulation. The circulation around the food infuses some incredible flavors. The high hood is designed to enhance airflow for outdoor convection cooking delivering an even cook throughout the grills’ entire surface. The charcoal barbeques infuse the meat with a distinctive taste thanks to the intense heat and smoke. 


Everdure grills are indeed incredible barbequing equipment that makes grilling as fascinating as possible. The designs and the convenience they bring about are exhilarating. 

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