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Why Many Nurses Are Committed To Holistic Nursing

People often say that nursing is a calling and not a profession. The vast majority of nurses choose this career because they are committed to improving the lives of those under their care. It is essentially their passion.

While many people choose their careers based on the likelihood of earning large sums of money, nurses usually do it because they genuinely care for others. In recent times, however, nurses have started becoming disillusioned with the traditional approach to the profession.

It is an approach almost solely focused on the patient’s physical needs – an incredibly Western approach. Recent studies, however, show that focusing on a patient’s physical health exclusively may not be the solution to providing a better quality of life over the long term.

Patients might find that while their physical symptoms might have receded, there are still numerous issues resulting from surgery or chronic disease. This could be because human beings are more than a collection of bone, connective tissue, muscle, and nerves.

Human beings are incredibly complex – they also have social needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, and much more. It is due to this specific reason why hoards of RNs are turning towards the idea of holistic nursing.

Unfortunately, traditional nurse training fails to provide RNs with the skills needed to ensure that patients are empowered to heal themselves from within. Becoming an integrative nurse coach, however, can help patients take the steps required to live a fuller and better life. It can also allow nurses to rediscover the passion that made them settle on their chosen career path.

One way for nurses to become fully qualified practitioners of holistic nursing is by participating in a Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program such as that offered by The Nurse Coach Collective. This certificate program is aimed at elevating the lives of nurses and the patients under their care.

The training helps nurses focus on human beings in their entirety – and provide support in areas such as exercise, nutrition, sleep habit optimization, mindfulness, movement optimization, and ways to ensure that personal relationships thrive both during and after surgery or illness. This leads to patients living happier and healthier lives.

Holistic nursing provides a path to a better and more fulfilled life for both nurses and patients. It avoids the ‘quick fix’ mentality that’s now commonplace in Western medical practice and is perhaps the reason why so many people are actively seeking alternatives to the notion that disease is overcome once the body is healed. That’s proving to simply not be true.

The echoes of physical pain and disease can still be experienced long after the physical process of healing has concluded, which is a fact that many RNs have come to realize and understand.

The integrative approach to nursing has been designed by nurses for nurses. These are professionals that have been in the field of nursing for a long time and know just how easy it can be to become disillusioned by the traditional way of doing things – and they know that holistic nursing can provide inspiration.

The numerous nurses that have embarked on the transformative journey towards holistic nursing practice mean that anyone who chooses to go down this path will definitely not be alone. Instead, they will be joining a global nursing community focused on recapturing the drive that made them decide to become nurses in the first place and have actually found that new inspiration after achieving their certification.

The fact that this course and certification are being offered and that such a large number of nurses have opted to supplement their original training by taking the next step of evaluating their qualifications to include skills needed to offer patients a more integrated service is enough proof that the practice of medicine is in serious need of disruption. 

While new discoveries and technology are playing their role, medical practitioners usually forget that people are at the heart of the services they offer and that people are a complex web of desires and needs, mental, physical, and spiritual. 

Any nurse that has dealt with a patient before has long realized that people require a lot more than just physical healing, which is the sole focus of Western medicine practice. They also require the support of those that can guide them along a path to wellness that comes from the inside out.

The path is complex and winding. It also requires a helping hand extended by somebody with the necessary skills to make the journey less daunting.

If you’re a nurse and are sure that the services you offer your patients can be much more than those exclusively related to their physical wellbeing, then perhaps you should consider acquiring a qualification in integrative holistic nursing. Fortunately, The Nurse Coach Collective can help you do exactly that. You might end up finding that you don’t just reach patients with this approach, but also your faith in what it actually means to be a nurse.

To Learn More about becoming a certified Nurse Coach visit The Nurse Coach Collective.

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