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Here Is What You Need To Know About Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Health Coach Through The Nurse Coach Collective

Any service provider who runs their own practice will attest to the fact that the key to success lies in being passionate about what you do and being able to provide solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. As a nurse, I have come to realize that passion for the job usually requires forging close interpersonal relationships with patients and colleagues, as well as the ability to think and act outside the box when mind the wellbeing of your patients. The best way to make happen is to acquire the skills necessary to become a nurse practitioner health coach.

What Does a Nurse Practitioner Health Coach Do?

As the title suggests, the work of a nurse practitioner cum health coach is two-fold. Apart from the ability and certification to offer prescribed and approved medication, you also get to come up with and apply holistic wellness approaches for yourself and your patients. This means that you have the skills and tasks typically designed for a registered nurse and also the ability to incorporate alternative healing strategies to each patient based on their unique needs. 

What Are Some Key Benefits of Becoming a Certified Nurse Practitioner Health Coach?

1. Ability to Tailor Your Custom Treatment Plans for Your Patients

Truth be told, conventional medications may not always be the answer to the quick recovery and holistic wellness of your patients. Sometimes, combining unique alternative cures may have the potential to do wonders for the wellbeing of your patients. As a nurse health coach, you will get to talk intimately with your patients which will allow you to understand the best combination of treatments you should apply for their quick recovery.

2. You Get to Expand Your Horizons

If you always walk the trodden path, chances are that you know what to expect at the end. As a nurse health coach, you will have the freedom to come up with innovative treatment solutions that may even be considered to be break-throughs in providing holistic wellness in certain scenarios. As an employed registered nurse, this may not be the case since you will always be expected to follow certain protocols and procedures when dealing with patients.

3. More Money in Your Pocket!

One of the main reasons why nursing is one of the most preferred professions is the average annual income for RNs. Becoming a certified nurse practitioner health coach adds more skills to your portfolio which means a bigger paycheck. Further, as a nurse health coach, you can open your practice and open doors to clients who are keen on exploring combined treatments for better overall healing.

How Do I Become a Nurse Practitioner Health Coach?

To become a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach – Board Certified (HWNC-BC) accreditation, you must first attain a board-certified nurse coach certification as well as board-certification as a holistic nurse. To become a HWNC-BC, you must: 

• Be a registered nurse inside the U.S.

• Have completed the minimum number of CNEs (60) within the past three years

• Have been in active practice for the minimum proscribed number of years or hours (this will vary depending on whether you hold a degree or diploma in nursing)

• Have completed the minimum hours of supervised coaching experience hours

• Hold a valid letter from a certified nurse coach

• Agree to and sign the candidate’s agreement provided by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC)

• Be the holder of a health nurse coach certification

Where Can I Get Training to Become a Nurse Practitioner Health Coach?

There are many programs that train nurses to become board-certified holistic health nurse coaches but none beats the Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program offered by The Nurse Coach Collective. Here is why …

• The program is certified and recommended by acclaimed professional bodies such as the California Board of Nursing, AHNCC, and AHNA

• The course is offered online

• The program is staggered over 7 months – This means that you can train at your own schedule

• There are a host of resources for prospective nurse coaches including live support, downloadable learning materials, and, an online community that you can rely on whenever you have questions or want to share with fellow nurse health coaches

• Apart from being able to sit for the national certification exam, the program is designed to provide a unique transformative approach on how to offer patients and nurses quality and holistic wellness

• The course is aimed at turning you into your best self which will in turn help you channel your intuition, training and experience in providing top-notch treatment solutions for those under your charge

• Compared to attending physical training, the course is more affordable and convenient

To Learn More about becoming a certified Nurse Coach visit  The Nurse Coach Collective.

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