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LeanFire XT Review [2019]: How Does It Stack Up?

Weight loss and fat burning products are everywhere you look these days. It’s natural to be skeptical, because there are so many options out there that just don’t work.

Force Factor’s LeanFire XT is a supplement that looks great online and on the shelf, promising a new benefit called “thermovigilance”, which helps burn fat, increase endurance, and enhance mental focus and clarity.

I had to give LeanFire XT a try to see if it was worth the hype as one of the best fat-burning supplements on the market in 2019.

What company is behind LeanFire XT?

I first heard about LeanFire XT through a friend, so I didn’t know much about the supplement until doing my own research online.

That’s when I learned Force Factor was the company behind LeanFire XT. They have really made a name for themselves in the supplement industry over the past decade, and I’ve tried a few of their products in the past. With Force Factor behind the product, I became a lot more receptive to giving LeanFire XT a try.

What are the actual benefits of LeanFire XT?

According to Force Factor’s website, LeanFire XT helps with a lot of different things.

It’s a dietary supplement that can help with:

  • Fat loss
  • Increased endurance
  • Mental clarity
  • Overall wellness

The company suggests consumers can start feeling results pretty much from day one. After a week of using it in a daily routine, results really start to shine from there.

Ingredients: What’s in each capsule?

Force Factor seems to be big on simplifying the ingredients in their supplements.

LeanFire XT has three proprietary blends contained within each capsule:

  1. Fat Incineration Weight Loss Blend
  2. Pure Energy Complex
  3. Metabolic Mind Matrix

As one might expect, the Fat Incineration Weight Loss Blend helps you burn fat and lose weight – pretty straightforward! The magic behind the blend is Verilean®, which is a green coffee bean extract. It’s combined with a green tea leaf extract, cayenne pepper powder, black pepper fruit extract, and L-carnitine.

The Pure Energy Complex is in LeanFire XT to help with energy during workouts and in daily life. TeaCrine® is the main ingredient in this blend, and it has been clinically shown to help provide an energy boost, improve clarity, and dial up focus.

Finally, the Metabolic Mind Matrix is designed to help curb food cravings. It also helps improve mental focus, as well. A person’s metabolism can really dictate just how quickly they lose weight. Caffeine is the primary ingredient in this blend, but it’s combined in a very specific ratio with L-theanine to help prevent jitters and the nasty crash you might be used to from other fat burners.

How much does LeanFire XT cost?

The best supplements out there not only work, but are affordable. A one-month supply of LeanFire XT is $69.99 on Force Factor’s website. That is a pretty standard price compared to competitors. It can also be purchased at GNC, Walmart, and more outlets, but Force Factor’s official website tends to have the best deals.

Not only is it usually cheaper to purchase from Fore Factor directly, but they offer a unique sample program (you pay shipping and handling) for anybody wanting to try it before committing to a full month’s supply. There is also an extended money-back guarantee from the website, which is another great perk.

Can you use LeanFire XT with other supplements?

Force Factor made sure that LeanFire XT is safe to use with other supplements. The company itself even sells a Shred Stack package for those looking for the best and fastest results. This bundle includes LeanFire XT with their Pure BCAA drink mix (delicious, by the way!).

If you are already using a supplement from another company, make sure to check all the ingredients before stacking. Stacking should not be an issue, but in some cases, there might be some ingredient overlap between supplements.

Sharing our experience with LeanFire XT:

Within a few days of using the supplement as directed, I noticed LeanFire XT was providing a lot of energy I could use to work out on a more consistent basis.

Most of the LeanFire XT review articles I found said that it would take one or maybe even two weeks to see any results, but coupled with a great diet, I saw those desired results within the first five days of taking LeanFire XT each day.

I recently tried stacking LeanFire XT with Force Factor’s Pure BCAA, and I’m interested to see how much of a boost it will give me and how much it will help me recover from rigorous workouts. By themselves, both supplements worked well, so stacking could help me reach my goals faster and with less resistance. On a side note, the “Arctic Gumball” Pure BCAA flavor is delicious – definitely give that a try if you decide to stack it with LeanFire XT!

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