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StrictionD Review: Legitimate Solution to Lowering Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar can be tricky. It’s naturally variable, spiking after a meal and declining with physical exertion. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time getting their blood sugar back to normal levels after eating. If that describes you, a dietary supplement called StrictionD may be able to help you.

Who Is StrictionD Designed For?

Contrary to what you may believe, elevated blood sugar readings are correlated with a variety of potentially serious health consequences. It can damage your blood vessels, limiting the amount of oxygen and other nutrients that reaches your vital organs. This can cause cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney problems, and even nerve issues. Yikes!

Elevated blood glucose levels are also associated with several quality of life symptoms, including blurred vision, feelings of anxiety, nausea, lightheadedness, and irritability.

StrictionD is designed for individuals looking for an all-natural method to keep their blood sugar in check. Notably, it is not intended as a replacement for prescription medications that may serve a similar function.

How Exactly Does StrictionD Work?

StrictionD utilizes a powerful formula of five active ingredients to help regulate blood sugar levels. The first is ceylon cinnamon, a special form of cinnamon that boosts the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates such as sugar. Unlike the cinnamon you might find in your local grocery store, ceylon cinnamon contains no coumarin, a compound in other forms of cinnamon that can become toxic at high dosages. This helps make StrictionD safe for everyday use.

Next up is CromineX3+, a proprietary cromine extract that may improve insulin sensitivity by as much as 17 percent. Insulin is the stuff that the body uses to regulate its own blood sugar, so improving its efficacy can only be a good thing.

The third ingredient in StrictionD is GlucoHelp, a proprietary extract from the banaba leaf plant native to Sri Lanka. This compound lowered blood sugar readings by as much as 30 percent in one recent study, making it a powerful weapon in the war against elevated blood sugar.

Zinc is included in the formula for its role in insulin production. Zinc offers numerous additional health benefits as well, making it a fine ingredient to look for in any dietary supplement.

Finally, StrictionD contains thiamine, a compound that makes it easier for the body to digest carbohydrates. These ingredients are all-natural, meaning that StrictionD has no adverse side effects when taken as directed.  

Praiseworthy StrictionD Reviews

Numerous media outlets are already buzzing about StrictionD. For example, cited some scientific findings in their recent StrictionD review. Not only did the product provide a 18-29 percent improvement in blood sugar readings, it also reduced triglycerides by 23-30 percent, bad cholesterol by 12-26 percent, and reduced both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Likewise, noted how StrictionD is doctor-formulated in their recent review. Dr. Ben is certified in the fields of nutrition and weight loss and formulated StrictionD in his capacity as Optimal Health’s Chief Medical Advisor. Who better to trust with your health?

Finally, includes a personal testimonial to the efficacy of StrictionD. The reviewer notes that the product is very affordable, especially if you buy in bulk. They also mentioned that the supplement is highly effective on its own, but works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Best Place to Buy StrictionD

Currently, StrictionD is only available directly from the manufacturer on either the product’s official website ( or the manufacturer’s site ( It costs approximately $60 per 30-day supply, but you can get a better price by buying in bulk. The 180 Day Protection Plus Package consists of six bottles for less than the price of three ($159.30), making it an affordable way of making sure that your blood sugar is under control.

All orders are also backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. If you are concerned about elevated blood sugar readings but don’t want to deal with adverse side effects or dangerous chemicals, StrictionD is for you. Why not try it today?

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