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How to Begin Your Fall Skincare Routine with Genucel by Chamonix

There are lots of different problems that your skin might face during the autumn months. Not only is the air colder outside, but it’s drier and warmer inside homes, stores and apartments. This means drier and more wrinkled skin for you, and less confidence in the way that you look and feel. Choosing high-end products and knowing that you’re able to look great regardless of the time of year is key to getting rid of deep wrinkles and fine lines that are altering your appearance.


Importance of Hydration

During the fall months, your skin is going to be a lot drier than it usually is. This means deeper lines and wrinkles that cause you to look older than you actually are and feel. This is why it is vital that you drink more fluids. Get in the habit of bringing a water bottle with you and opt for clean, clear water with a little lemon rather than something that is caffeinated and sugary. When it comes to your skin, you’ll find that drinking more water prevents skin drying and the look of deep lines and wrinkles that age you prematurely.


Cleanser Regularly

You may be out of the summer sun and away from the greasy, heavy sunscreens, but you are still in need of good-quality cleanser that can be used daily. You will want to cleanse your skin both morning and night, and you’ll want to consider a special makeup remover in order to get rid of any foundation, eye liner and mascara that you might be wearing. Opt for a cleanser that is more moisturizing than stripping, as you don’t want to totally strip your skin of any of its essential skin oils that keep it moist and supple looking.


Using the Best Serums for Anti-Aging Results

The fall is a great time for you to take control of your skin and begin a new routine that you’ll actually want and be able to follow. With the Genucel by Chamonix line of products, it’s never been easier for you to find anti-aging serums and potions that will work well for you. For example, the Genucel firming serum is great for the whole face, neck and jaw line. There are special treatments specific to under eye puffiness and bags that allow you to finally feel good in the way that you look. You can even use the Genucel by Chamonix jaw line treatment to improve the look of your jaw line and get rid of sagging and double chin issues.


Moisturizing Your Skin Properly

You’re more likely to deal with dry skin in the fall than any other time of the year. Because of this, you are going to want to take a look at using a lotion that moisturizes your skin and improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. There are lots of lotions available specific to moisturizing dry skin. It’s a good idea to read both labels and reviews so that you can get a feel for which product is best suited to your own individual and unique needs. Everyone has different skincare needs, so it’s important to find the lotion that’s right for you.


There are lots of products available to you, but it is important to give a few a try just to see which one is best suited to your own needs. Once you find the right products, you can use them regularly to see the results that you have always wanted. Your skin will never be better regardless of it being both the fall and winter.


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