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How Long Does It Take for Test X180 Ignite to Increase “Momentum” for Guys?

Men today are under a lot of pressure. The pressure to excel in the workplace, achieve great results in the gym, and perform well physically are just some of the daily stresses many men are dealing with today.


It goes without saying that most men, particularly those over the age of 40, could benefit from a little help increasing their “momentum” – or as some like to say, their mojo.


Test X180 Ignite is a breakthrough supplement that combines fat burning with a free testosterone boost and other benefits to increase your energy, confidence, and vitality.

How Does Test X180 Ignite Work?

One of the primary ingredients in Test X180 Ignite is Testofen®, a fenugreek seed extract which helps increase muscle mass in the gym, energy levels, and libido.


Along with Testofen®, Test X180 Ignite is packed with other carefully selected ingredients, such as caffeine and green tea to help suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning functions.


The supplement helps boost free testosterone particularly well when taken 30 minutes before a workout, perhaps helping guys enter “beast mode”, as some like to say when dominating a hard set.

How Long Does Test X180 Ignite Take to Work?

As with any formula, it can be hard to quantify exactly when the supplement will begin to make a noticeable difference to an individual’s body, as different physiologies react to supplements differently.


In general, anecdotal usage suggests that many of the guys who took the supplement regularly began to notice increased energy almost immediately, and libido within a few weeks.

Studies on Testofen®, an ingredient in Test X180 Ignite, found:

• That after a six-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 60 adult men, there was a significant increase in their sexual activity, self-satisfaction, and muscle strength.

  • After an eight-week study on 98 healthy males, lean mass increased and body mass decreased.

  • Another study on 60 healthy adult males shows a statistical increase in the sexual function, satisfaction, and performance of the subjects who took Testofen® doses.

    While the above studies are not specifically for Test X180 Ignite, they suggest that although some guys may experience an increase in “momentum” a few days after taking supplements containing Testofen®, to get the best results the supplements must be taken over the course of a few weeks.

    Is It Possible to Accelerate the “Momentum”?

    To get the best results from Test X180 Ignite and ensure that the “momentum benefits” it delivers happen as quickly as possible, make sure you take it every day.


Getting your hands on Test X180 Ignite is super easy as you can purchase the supplement from Walmart.



• Take the correct dosage

To get the best results from any supplement, it is important to take the recommended dosage (which in most cases, including with Test X180 Ignite, means every day). In this case, it is 2 capsules every morning, and 2 capsules before a workout or with your lunch on rest days.

• Exercise

If taken alone, the supplement will not deliver maximum results, so it should be taken as part of an exercise regimen where physical activity is a focus.

  • Diet

    The supplement is not a meal replacement and can only increase momentum for men if included as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The supplement works well with a high protein diet to support muscle growth and recovery. Nutritional considerations are a key factor for guys looking to experience all the benefits that Test X180 Ignite can provide. Eat smart!

    It’s important to maintain realistic expectations and of course dedication to a healthier lifestyle, but Test X180 Ignite should increase “momentum” relatively quickly. Boost your mojo today with Test X180 Ignite!

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