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Douglas James Reviews His Favorite Snacks For Sustaining High-Energy

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All entrepreneurs know how much mental and physical energy it takes to get through the day. When you’re the boss of your own business, and operating as a powerhouse, it can be draining to get through your work day after day. One of the keys to keeping your energy up is to make healthy food choices, to properly fuel your body. We sat down with Douglas James, a digital marketing expert who knows just how much it takes to be an entrepreneur. He’s sharing some of his favorite health tips, and his favorite snacks for sustaining high-energy.

Douglas, tell us about your background?

Before I was an entrepreneur, I was actually serving as a Navy Corpsman. It’s funny how life can take you on an unlikely journey, but that’s where my story starts. I was deployed on a humanitarian ship, the USNS Mercy. It was an incredible job, because we helped impoverished communities around the world, including in Guam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Philippines. This was really an eye-opening experience for me, because I realized what I really wanted to do was help people. And I especially wanted to help people find economic freedom and fiscal success, because of how transformative it can be. I focus on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses online

What are your thoughts on health and business?

You could have the most incredible business or invention in the world, but if your body isn’t healthy, you won’t be able to maximize your potential. In the short term, health issues really detract from your business output, and the quality of your work. For example, if you’re sick, in poor health, or have a foggy mind, your business will suffer. And in the long term, it’s just not sustainable to have poor health.

How do you stay healthy while on the job?

I make sure to plan out my meals and my snacks, so I’m conscious of what I’m putting in my body. If I don’t prepare, and I’m busy or in a rush, I’ll be tempted to make poor food choices. That’s when I go for the things that are quick, easy, or full of empty calories, which is not good. So, for me, preparation is key. In my experience, spending some time cooking meals and preparing snacks is well worth it.

What are some things you look for in your snacks?

I love anything that is whole-foods based. So, I definitely take a careful look at the ingredients when I’m choosing any snack. I look for simple ingredients and words I can pronounce, instead of complicated chemicals. Other than that, I look for foods that are high in protein and fiber. Healthy fats are okay in moderation. But I try to stay away from high sugar content, and refined carbohydrates.

What are some of your favorite high-energy snacks?

In general, some of my go-to’s throughout the day are natural peanut butter, protein shakes, salads topped with grilled chicken, nuts, oats, and greek yogurt. I love to get creative with my snacks, and combine some of those ingredients, to see what I can come up with. Greek yogurt with nuts is great, for example.

How can people learn more about your work?

It’s my goal to help entrepreneurs achieve their maximum success, by tapping into digital marketing. I recently spoke about my personal journey in an exclusive feature with, for those who want to know a little more. Plus, you can connect with me on my Facebook account.

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