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David Pascht Interview: Sharing His Perspectives on Health, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship

When it comes to entrepreneurship, building your business is only part of the job. Savvy entrepreneurs know just how important it is to also prioritize your health and wellness, when it comes to building your empire. Entrepreneur David Pascht is an expert when it comes to all things health and wellness. He sat down with us to share some of his unique insights into health and wellness, and how it fits into an entrepreneur’s world.

Dave, give us a little bit of your background.

I’m an entrepreneur who loves to be diverse. I’m obsessed with digital marketing, because I firmly believe in its power to propel a business to success. I’ve seen firsthand just how much digital marketing and social media can influence the trajectory of success for an entrepreneur, and I’m dedicated my life’s work to sharing that with people.

What is your wellness routine like right now?

For years I’ve been prioritizing my health and wellness, and I really notice the difference in my body and in my mood. Now, I’m in a regular workout regime, and I try to break a sweat every day. I also make sure to load up on nutritious foods which give me long-lasting energy, so I can make it through the day without crashing and losing energy. I think that’s a big game-changer when it comes to entrepreneurs.

What are some of the health challenges that can come with being an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are trying to juggle a million things at once and are always on the go. Because of that, sometimes health and wellness can take a backseat. I think this is a big mistake, because when your body feels great, you’ll be able to do great work. Your health and wellness is directly related to your work as an entrepreneur, and it needs to take priority.

How can entrepreneurs take priority of their health and wellness?

I highly recommend getting into a regular workout routine. Find a workout that is best for you, but make sure you stick with it. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to spend the day behind a computer screen, or on the phone. There’s not a lot of movement involved in those activities, and it’s crucial to stay active and in shape. And when it comes to food, I’m a big believer in meal prepping. Prepare your food in advance, so you have healthy meals ready throughout the day. That way you won’t go for quick and easy options, which are less healthy. Having healthy snacks ready for a moment’s notice is also a great practice.

How can entrepreneurs learn more about you?
I’m always looking to help entrepreneurs who want to get a leg up and take their business to the next level. I recently shared four habits successful entrepreneurs harness, for example. You can also follow me on Steemit, to see my latest posts.

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