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Ask The Pros: Mint Global Marketing Shares Clever Ways Fitness Brands Market On Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tips from Mint Global Marketing

Fitness brands are one of the most popular forms of social media brands. People with a lot of knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and working out can net a lot of followers if they play their cards right.

Many people are looking to improve their lives and health through fitness, and they turn to influencers and supplement brands to do so. So, if you’re an influencer or fitness brand, how can you grow your following and market to more people? 

We talked with experts at Mint Global Marketing to find some valuable tips for fitness brands. Mint Global Marketing is one of the leading marketing industries globally with successful marketing experience across all industries. 

Which social media platform is the biggest for fitness brands at the moment, in your professional opinion?

It’s really hard to choose just one platform. Right now, the flavor of the month is TikTok, but we’re not sure how that will pan out over the long term. Just a couple of years ago, it was Snapchat after all. 

Our experts from Mint Global Marketing recommend marketing on TikTok while it’s hot and keeping a huge focus on Youtube and Instagram. These platforms are likely to stay relevant for years, and their focus on visuals is their biggest asset for fitness influencers. 

So is there a major difference between a supplement brand and an individual brand as far as marketing goes? 

Yes and no. Both can use similar strategies. Many times, you may see an individual create their own brand of supplements and push those in their videos. Others may end up working out some kind of sponsorship with a supplement brand. 

It’s not a secret that these supplement brands will sponsor influencers. The influencer will showcase the brand, talk about using their product, and in return, many of their followers will trust that product. It’s classic marketing. 

Is it more difficult to make it as a fitness brand nowadays? There are a lot of brands out there. 

It’s difficult because not only are there many brands but there are many nice brands. This makes it very hard to stick out amongst the crowd, but not impossible. 

We like to believe that there’s always an unfilled niche in every industry, and if you want to make it as a fitness brand, you’re either going to have to find one of those niches or find a way to beat the other brands. 

How could you beat a brand that’s already got a niche covered? 

You have to do something better than them, of course. Whether you make a better product or you market better. Maybe you need to offer a better range of products; maybe your product needs to be a little cheaper. 

You don’t always have to beat a product completely; sometimes, you just need to show people, “Hey, we’re a fantastic alternative; we know our stuff. This is our pre-workout, and it is just as good!” 

People may choose your brand simply because they like your logo and branding style better. They may choose it because you happened to work with a Youtuber they love. 

What would you say is the most important attribute of an individual fitness brand?

I would say knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that conveys expertise and confidence. Many people who follow these influencers do so to learn and improve their fitness knowledge, so being a source of knowledge is invaluable.

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