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Entrepreneur Joe Jedlowski Shares: How To Adopt New Healthy Habits

Entrepreneur Joe Jedlowski Shares Tips on Developing Healthy Habits

As for Entrepreneur Joe Jedlowski, habits are either healthy or unhealthy, good or bad. We often get very comfortable doing the same things every day without considering their consequences or effects. 

Developing good habits is the beginning of an enjoyable life and seasoned entrepreneur, Joe Jedlowski, knows all about that as he speaks to us in this interview on why and how you should adopt healthy habits.

Why is it important for people to adopt healthy habits irrespective of age or career? 

Your habits are what you repeatedly do, and they eventually form the type of person you are and the personality you exhibit. Everything from how you interact with others and even productivity starts with your habits. 

When you learn to transform your habits positively, you ultimately transform your life. But sadly, in today’s world, it is common for people to continuously engage in dangerous habits that eventually result in an unhealthy lifestyle.  

What are some of the healthy habits that you can recommend?

There are many healthy habits that you can adapt depending on the aspect of your life that you are trying to change for the better. 

Notwithstanding, some healthy habits I highly recommend to everyone include: drinking a lot of water, going to bed early to get adequate sleep, reading many books, business podcasts, and articles to learn, working on your physical shape when you can, taking walks and runs, and eating healthy. 

I work very hard and have been recognized by Worldwide Branding for excellence in business and operations management. I attribute my healthy habits to have a significant factor in my career and personal growth.

How do you think people can stop whatever damaging habits they currently indulge in?

First of all, people must know and admit that they are trying to replace one bad habit with a more positive one. Realizing this is the first process of undergoing any form of change. 

They should also recognize the triggers of those damaging habits and try to rid their environment of them. 

Bad habits prevent you from accomplishing your goals and jeopardize your mental and physical health. So, they should be done away with always and replaced with better ones. 

Maintaining good habits is not very straightforward. What do you suggest people should do to prevent relapsing?

In adopting a healthy habit and turning it into a regular lifestyle, you must identify that habit, put a name to it and be intentional. You need to know that you are making a decision that requires commitment. 

In order to develop good habits, we must be aware of what our current habits are. We also need a conscious plan and the support of friends and family to help in moments of weakness and ensure a form of accountability in adopting healthy habits. 

How do you think adopting good habits has helped you in your professional and personal life?

Well, it is not hard for me to see how well good habits have helped me triumph in life and business. Developing healthy habits is crucial, especially for entrepreneurs looking to establish their first business venture. Sticking to the routine of good habits taught me discipline and the importance of denying myself certain pleasures for greater benefit. 

As an entrepreneur, I know the importance of sacrifices, self-denial, and risk-taking in order to achieve business success. So, I can confidently assert that adopting healthy transformed me positively.

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