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How Health 2.0 Conference Reviews Medical Developments & Unites Distinguished Healthcare Experts

Health conferences have a vital role to play in our rapidly changing world. They provide an opportunity to learn and sharpen skills. Conferences also come with the added value of networking. People come together from diverse fields across the industry to exchange knowledge, learn directly from experiences, and learn from the “trials and errors” of others. Whereas one can easily brush off attending a conference by opting for podcasts, webinars, or blogs, the reality is that nothing beats the rich experience you’d find at a real live conference. 

We chatted with Imran Ali, Chairperson of the Health 2.0 Conference, to learn more about their latest edition. The team will soon organize the Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas and Dubai, where healthcare practitioners and business leaders will come together on one platform to share their knowledge and experiences in healthcare-related topics.

A bit of background 

According to Imran, his team attended many conferences at the time and always felt they could do better. This realization is what led them to host in-person conferences.

“Health 2.0 Conference is about connecting people with great ideas across geographies. The idea was to create an event where you’ll have speakers from around the world and walk away feeling like you’ve learned something. Instead of focusing on the fact that things are changing in the healthcare industry, we have leaders from prestigious organizations telling us how exactly they are changing. The icing on the cake is that participants can expect interactive sessions with distinguished professionals who will share their best practices and insights on the intersection between technology, digital health, and medicine.”

The Health 2.0 Conference’s previous editions have had massive attendance and recognition. Imran notes its joyous success, considering that his team has hosted conferences with as many as 400+ people in attendance. 

The Health 2.0 Conference 

The Health 2.0 Conference is unique as it aims to lead participants to make informed decisions. In most cases, conferences are where people discuss, exchange ideas, and take notes about one or two critical topics. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what if you could get more out of a conference? 

The Health 2.0 Conference has been a platform where delegates can sign off deals and showcase their solutions. Industry leaders have acknowledged its past editions as knowledge-driven, with top-notch content and an agile structure. 

Health 2.0 Conference will be organized in core locations 

The Health 2.0 Conference is scheduled to take place in Dubai (Dec 16-18, 2022) and in Las Vegas, USA (Dec 19-21, 2022). The Vegas event will take place in Mandalay Bay, while the Dubai conference will be hosted at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City. 

Dubai is known for its business-friendly environment, making it a prime location for hosting an international conference like this. Similarly, Las Vegas has also been acclaimed as one of the best places to host events due to its wide variety of fantastic venues. 

The conference’s upcoming edition covers an array of topics, including but not limited to patient engagement, telemedicine and wearables, pharma innovations, fraud and scams in health insurance, and more. Attendees can expect to get insights on the latest trends while meeting and connecting with like-minded professionals who are passionate about what they do. To register, visit

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