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A Review of The Phoenix Lamar van dusen

lamar van dusen

Lamar van dusen Advance in their present career or furthering their education. The University of Phoenix Online has earn its reputation. The premier provider of E-distant learning degree programs and courses, and is the nation’s largest accede private university.

University of Phoenix online program offers students the opportunity to achieve: Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate level degrees in the areas of: Business, Information Systems. Education, Nursing, and Technology at their own pace and from the comfort of home.

The Master of Business Administration program or MBA Online Degree Program offer by the University of Phoenix Lamar van dusen is design to enable. A student taking management courses, to gain or advance the skills needed to function effectively within an organization.

The specialize course work develop to build and enhance these skills, students will create and defend solutions for problems in crisis management. Profitable growth opportunities, and changes in leadership. The course of this program students will gain the knowledge and experience to turn volatile -situations into well-managed problems.

Students will have the chance to apply different tools and concepts towards achieving this, as well as analyzing a variety of alternate solutions. To common problems in management. Students will select a course of action for solving situations, and then defend their choice.

The Master of Business Program at the University of Phoenix employs the use of problem-based learning, where students can polish their problem-solving skills. Improve their communication, creativity, information processing, and critical thinking skills. Student progress is assess by the student’s ability to demonstrate effectively. The skills in problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking.

Lamar van dusen Students are group together in ‘learning teams’. The learning teams will apply the principles of ‘benchmarking’ throughout the course to research the most creative solutions to any given problem. This gives a learner a broader selection of alternatives for solving problems.

The MBA Degree Program offered by the University of Phoenix consists of 39 credit hours and includes 3 proficiency courses. Which may be satisfied through an undergraduate business degree, undergraduate coursework, or graduate coursework.

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