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Consider A Career In Holistic Nursing – More Information

We have helped many registered nurses like yourself become nurse coaches through our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Who are we? We are The Nurse Coach Collective. Before we start getting into holistic nursing and what it encompasses, we will start by going over the benefits of being a nurse coach and what your compensation could look like.

Consider A Career In Holistic Nursing – What Exactly Is Holistic Nursing?

Holistic nursing is all about helping your patients get healthier. Instead of managing symptoms, you will be helping them make changes to heal from within. As one who practices holistic nursing, you will analyze each patient individually and figure out a path toward better health and wellness. You want to help patients take control over their health and wellness by taking an all-encompassing approach towards health care. 

A lot of holistic nurses will utilize alternative medicine to heal their patients. With that being said, they may provide these treatments in addition to traditional medicine. The approach that you end up taking as a holistic nurse comes down to what’s best for the individual that you are helping.

Consider A Career In Holistic Nursing – Some Duties and Responsibilities

The things that you will be doing will depend on different factors. However, for the most part, you can expect to focus on both the mental and physical well-being of your patients. You will go ahead and evaluate all of the different areas before offering any kind of treatment plan. Here are some of the best examples of what you could find yourself doing as a holistic nurse.

– Help different patients manage their stress through effective stress management strategies.

– Offer acupuncture to patients that are experiencing a lot of stress or other symptoms.

– Offer aromatherapy to your patients.

– Perform massages for your patients.

– Recommend an optimized diet plan for your patients to follow.

These are only some of the different things that you could find yourself doing for your patients depending on their individual needs. When you are a holistic nurse, no two days will be the same. You will constantly be looking for ways to improve the health and well-being of your patients. Your singular goal will be to provide the best care for your patients.

Consider A Career In Holistic Nursing. Some Benefits Of Being a Holistic Nurse:

1. Better Fulfillment

One of the main benefits that you get from transitioning to a holistic nurse has to do with the fact that you are going to get a lot better fulfillment. When you are a holistic nurse, you get to take an active role in the health and well-being of your patients. No longer are you the person helping them manage their symptoms. You get to solve their issues at the root cause. You get to personalize their treatment plan so you can optimize it to improve the care they receive. You won’t have to worry about getting the patient in and out of the door as quickly as possible as you do with traditional nursing. It can end up leaving you a lot more fulfilled at the end of each day.

2. Specialized Skill

You are going to end up developing a lot of skills that are in high demand. A traditional nurse does have specialized skills. However, a holistic nurse usually not only has the skills of a traditional nurse but added skills that will allow them to better help each patient they work with. 

3. Recession Proof

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever before to find jobs and careers that you can count on. When it comes to holistic nursing, nothing is going to decrease the demand. There will always be a demand for holistic nurses. Thus, you’ll always have employable skills. This is one of the main reasons you should look to consider a career in holistic nursing.

Not only can you get a job anywhere, but you could always start your practice too. 

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to becoming a holistic nurse. Now, we’ll be going into how to transition to becoming one.

Consider A Career In Holistic Nursing – How To Get Into Holistic Nursing:

The single best way to get yourself into holistic nursing is by enrolling in a certified program. You want to enroll in a certified program that is designed to help you take your career to the next level. Here’s some of the stuff you should know about our program before getting started.

1. What’s In It

The program is designed entirely by nurses for nurses. It’s an online course. As a result, you can do it on your own time. Likewise, it’s a 7-month course that is incredibly detailed. It’s extensive enough to put you on the right path toward turning you into a board-certified holistic nurse. You get access to a dedicated instructor and you will receive live support calls. You will also be entrenched in a community of like-minded nurses. 

2. How Does It Work? 

Our program is designed to be very straightforward. You will receive different modules that you will be tasked to complete. You will be tasked with watching the videos and completing the coursework. The work will be supervised. When you have questions, you could always hop on a live support call to get the assistance you need.

3. When Does The Course Start?

You will have the opportunity to join a course starting at various times throughout each year. You can find the date that works best for you and enroll in the course for it. Once you do enroll in a course, you will have access to the course for a lifetime. You never lose access.

If you do have any questions about our program, you can always give us a call or send us an email to get them answered., 

How Much Will You Get Compensated?

Whenever you are looking to make a career transition, one of the main things that you are likely going to be considering is the pay. How much you end up getting paid will be determined by several different factors. In general, you will have a lot more income potential as a holistic nurse than as a traditional nurse. You also have the opportunity to set up your practice which can further increase your compensation potential. You will undoubtedly be positioned to make good money by providing exceptional care to your patients.

Are you looking to make the next step in your nursing career? If so, you will want to contact us right away. You can request more information from us. When you do enroll in our nursing program, you will learn everything needed to get board certified. Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we cannot wait to assist you in taking the next step toward providing better care for your patients as a holistic nurse.

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