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Being A Parent Means Sweating For A Cause: You

Sweating.  Not the sexiest topic ever discussed but still a very important one.  Sweat happens…when we expect it and when we don’t. In fact, there are very different types of sweat at different times of the day and under different circumstances (i.e.: a doctor’s appointment with a child, mommy boot camp, or even cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving). Each time we’re sweating…it’s for a cause: your best health!  Movement brings sweat. It can be heavy, or it could be seemingly insignificant, but either way, it’s still sweat.  

As a parent, we know there are lots of “how to” books.  Books for feeding, books for what to expect, and, in fact, there could even be one on getting the maximum impact out of your sweat.  Seriously. Many times, as parents, we seem to be the most conscious of it after exercise or an endurance test chasing small children.  However, sweat happens, will continue to happen, and is also a very important temperature control mechanism for each and every one of us.  As the holidays approach, along with the larger meals, if you’re someone that doesn’t sweat a lot but wants to get more out of your workout, you have options.  There are natural remedies to help you sweat more productively, tighten problem areas, and as we all know, as a parent, every minute of “me time” really, really counts.

Sweat is the body’s own natural temperature regulator, so when you aren’t heating up (ie: during a workout), you’re likely cooling down or sweating less productively.  In fact, you may not even feel it. Sweat can also be inefficient or efficient (during a workout). Some of the sweat we produce carries more toxins out of the body, while lowering our body temperatures significantly.  It’s that type of sweat we want more of when we want to tone, lose weight, or get a harder workout. While this all may sound complicated, it doesn’t really have to be. If you want your sweat to be more productive, then look no further than SweatZone (  This product truly helps to ensure your body is performing at a peak level while delivering the optimal form sweat you desire.  

As parents, we don’t get a lot of breaks and we hardly ever come first, especially with smaller children in the home. Health, weight, midset, and so many other things are impacted by those thirty minutes a day on the treadmill or bike we are lucky to relish for ourselves.  Did you ever notice how many products are designed to prevent sweating or reduce it? Ironically, except with respect to deodorant, that’s the one thing we don’t want to do! Sweat is simple. It’s healthy. And it helps our bodies function properly. The question is…do we want to mitigate it or embrace it, so we can achieve our target results more efficiently?

The holidays are coming quickly and there are lots of gifts to purchase.  Parents need options that are easy to carry (with children in tow) and even easier to use.  And with holidays come New Year’s Resolutions shortly thereafter. Did you know that diet and exercise, according to many doctors, are the top concerns this time of the year?  Why not start early and feel better throughout the holidays? If you agree, a stocking stuffer or smaller Chanukkah gift like SweatZone is probably right up your alley. Its natural formula enhances workouts and helps people achieve their goals sooner.  It’s convenient to purchase and to use. And best of all, you’ll find it in Walmart, on Amazon, from the company directly, so there’s no need to trudge around with children to an extra store.  

An exercise or health-related gift might not be your first thought this year but to an exercise enthusiast or even a parent with little time, it might be just the ticket.  SweatZone is proven to make you work harder, recover faster, and lose more weight, all of which make exercising far easier. When being a parent is our primary responsibility, as it should be, parent hacks that help make “me time” more effective are always in style.

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