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Vascular Doctors Provide Safe Outpatient treatment at Metro Vascular Centers

Circulatory disease in America is an unavoidable problem for many Americans. Between 8 and 12 million people in the United States suffer from peripheral lateral disease also known as PAD. When plaque builds up in an major artery of the leg, the reduction of blood flow to major organ systems can cause future cardiovascular problems. That’s where metro vascular centers come in. Doctors at Metro Vascular Centers in Queens NY and Detroit Michigan offer unique treatment plans with minimally invasive surgeries for patients.

Doctors at metro vascular centers offer angioplasties, medical stents, deep vein thrombosis treatment, and AV fistula. The doctors of metro vascular centers believe in these minimally invasive procedures with outpatient care are more appropriately treated than in a hospital setting. Dr. Mohammed Islam left his hospital job to join Metro Vascular Centers because he believed in providing comfortable and efficient care for patients that would benefit from minimally invasive vascular care. Dr. Islam finished his residency at New York Methodist Hospital and went on to specialize in vascular surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Islam has the experience as Chief of the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Indiana Reginal medical center to know what the right vascular treatment for all patient conditions.

Dr. Gulshan Sethi, another physical on staff at Metro Vascular Centers, believes that arterial disease can be dealt with safe endovascular procedures with intensive planning beforehand. Dr. Sethi specializes in Endovascular surgery and can perform most Vascular surgery interventions. Beyond studying cardiovascular problems in the United States, Dr. Sethi also draws on his international knowledge from courses he took at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

At Metro Vein and Vascular Centers these doctors can fix vein disease without general anesthesia and dramatically reduce future cardiovascular problems for patients. Dr. Mason Mandy is passionate about vascular surgery and improving patients’ quality of life. Outside of work Dr. Mandy volunteers his skills at the Bowery Medical Mission in Manhattan and also volunteers treating patients in the Ivory Coast. To remove a blockage these doctors use advanced technology and the most up-to-date medical procedures to make sure the patient is safely and effectively treated. In the standard angioplasty procedure at Metro Vascular Centers, the doctor will make a small incision to insert a very miniscule, deflated balloon to the blockage site to widen the artery and allow healthy blood flow.


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