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Leveraging Health and Wellness Trends For Medical Grade Impact

If you haven’t scrolled through your Instagram feed lately or eavesdropped on the surrounding conversation, health and wellness is all the rage. A turmeric latte in hand and personal wellness in mind, the athleisure clad and the kale crazed are fueling the $3.7 trillion global wellness industry, and the outcomes are evergreen.

Clearly, the health and wellness mania has seeped into the food industry, allowing niche offerings like fresh juices and acai bowls to fuel entire business models. The commodity of wellness has even become accessorized, with the likes of Lululemon and other athletic brands at the forefront of personal style. But perhaps where wellness is making its real mark is in technology. With more and more meditation apps reaching the market, mindfulness is booming in the wellness space and contributing a holistic approach to the health of the mind, body, and spirit. While the health and wellness market can be privilege-driven and profit pedaling, there is a case to be made for its advantageous applications in the technology sector, namely wearable technology.

The wellness movement is quite literally moving us to new depths in our health. Not only are we becoming more active, we are asking the right questions about how we move as well. From the simplest Fitbit to the most sophisticated, FDA-approved solutions, wearable technology is delving into a new desire in human health and wellness. For wearable motion sensor technology company, dorsaVi, the growing interest in personal movement data is fueling its true impact.

Developing innovative motion analysis, dorsaVi has made itself a valuable team member in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and NHL. “When an individual is injured – whether they are an elite athlete, an everyday warrior, or someone working in a physical role – they’ll be looking to get back to their normal life and routine as quickly as possible. But knowing when the time is right can be challenging. Too early and the risk of re-injury is high,” says Megan Connell, Chief Marketing Officer of dorsaVi. Pinpointing innate movement data and supporting the rehabilitation process, dorsaVi is there to provide this lab-quality data at an accessible price to Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, pain specialists like Restore Cryotherapy, as well as strength & conditioning coaches. It is the trusted partner when it comes to playing better and getting back in the game. “The precise dorsaVi sensors provide information that previously couldn’t be collected outside a biomechanical lab such as the kinetic forces impacting different parts of the body and how and where the injured body is compensating. This allows the treating professional to make better-informed decisions for their clients,” says Connell.

Perhaps not as trendy but equally as relevant is the workplace industry. DorsaVi first entered the workspace in order to relieve the alarming numbers of manual holding injuries and wasted compensations. Today, it provides the objective data needed to make crucial changes in manual holding policy and provide for safer environments for many workers.

“Working with organizations to understand their injury risks and identify ways to combat them has been fascinating. Before working in this space, I largely thought of workplace injuries as being the result of a traumatic accident. However, it is degenerative disorders (repetitive strain injuries, etc.) which a far more prevalent – they’re just not that headline-worthy,” Connell adds.

The ROI is in the numbers. Working with Heathrow Airport, dorsaVi has lead to strategic decisions and safer practices, including:

  • Reduced strain on shoulder muscles by 67%
  • Reduced strain on back muscles by 88%
  • Increase in the use of manual handling aids by 60%
  • Reduction of manual handling injuries by 53% (over the course of one year)

The ROI is also in the way workers and elite athletes, alike are performing at their very best. According to Connell, “In the health space, where dorsaVi operates, improvements in technology continue to make what was once impossible possible. Whether that’s sequencing the nature of a disease and delivering personalized treatment which is more effective and less harmful to the patient; or reducing the cost of diagnostics and making them widely available to the general population. It’s these enhancements which are contributing to better health and longer lives.” With greater possibilities in human health, the health and wellness industry has never looked so good.

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