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If you Don’t Have an Instant Pot, You Are Missing Out

There have been some incredible inventions that have made cooking and life in the kitchen a lot easier and fun. From simple things such as the kettle or toaster, through to the invention of the microwave which revolutionized the way we can cook and prepare food, there are always new products that pop up from time to time that make us wonder how we ever managed without them.

Things such as the pressure cooker opened up the possibilities to an entire new way to cook food, and the amount of work and time needed was decreased considerably.

Introducing the Instant Pot

Technology is one of those rare entities that never stays still. It’s always evolving and advancing, and each year there are new products being released to the general public that can make our lives a little easier. One such product is the Instant Pot, which was invented by Robert Wang in 2010, and is a very powerful and unique multicooker.

Kitchens all over the world are filled with an array of pots and pans, each with their own specific use. The problem with this is that when it comes to cooking a meal, you often need to use multiple pans at the same time. Not only does this mean that cooking soon becomes a chore that requires multitasking, it also means you have a lot of washing up to do as well.

However, with an Instant Pot, you are getting a slow, pressure and rice cooker all rolled into one. No longer do you need three separate pots. You can now do everything with a single unit – the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Benefits

One of the great advantages of cooking with an Instant Pot is that you can have your meals cooked in much less time than if you were using a traditional slow cooker or rice steamer. In the past if it took you 2 hours to prepare and cook your weekend dinner, with an Instant Pot it could take you less than an hour. 

The Instant Pot is also able to cook all types of food. Whether you want to roast a chicken for your Sunday lunch, or simply prepare some fresh yogurt, the Instant Pot can do it all. There isn’t another piece of kitchen equipment that is so versatile. Check out Corrie Cooks for more information about what an Instant Pot can do for you.

Another very important aspect of the Instant Pot is that it is much more energy efficient, and uses much less power than other appliances in your kitchen. The inner chamber is fully insulated, meaning that less energy is required to heat it up. Less energy of course is very good for the environment, so you could even go as far as saying that the Instant Pot is an environmentally friendly cooking device.

Which Instant Pot should you get?

Instants Pots are available in a range of different sizes and models. If you are a small family, then a 3 quart one will be more than suitable for you. 6 quarts is a good choice for a family of around 5 people, while the 8 quart is best if you are either a large family, or are planning a dinner for around 10 guests. 

The different models that you’ll find available in stores or online will have a varying number of programs. The majority of models will have about 7 programmable options for cooking, while some of the more advanced and expensive versions, such as the Instant Pot Aura or Instant Pot Duo Plus can have up to 10 programs. Of course, not every household is going to need to use all of the programs, so spend a little time researching which you are most likely to use and find a model that meets with your requirements.

Healthy Eating

A healthy and balanced diet is very important, and with the Instant Pot, you can be cooking in a much healthier way than before. An Instant Pot will cook with moisture, similar to the method of steaming, so you won’t need to use lots of cooking oils or grease. 

There are also lots of delicious and healthy recipes for your Instant Cook that you can find online. There are a number of websites that are dedicated to recipes for the device, and you can find all types of food to try out at home. 

Whether you are looking for a recipe for some steamed fish, or maybe a nice vegetarian pasta dish, the Instant Pot has the capabilities to cook anything you can imagine. From starters, to main courses and desserts, the Instant Pot is all you need.

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