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Drug Dealer to Pastor to Entrepreneur, the Journey of Kyle J. Sullivan & Unleash the Champ

What does a D1 athlete, drug dealer, husband, pastor, father, and founder of a coaching company have in common? You might be surprised to learn that these are part of the transformational journey of Kyle Sullivan. As a result of his experiences, these have built upon and led to the creation of Unleash the Champ. 

Kyle founded Unleash the Champ to create powerful coaching experiences for people and organizations that lead to discovering and stepping into the champion they were made to be. With over a decade of organizational leadership and team development leading thousands of people and a growing desire to learn it all, he strives to inspire people everywhere to unlock the cages they are in to unleash the champ within. 

His Story

According to Kyle, the two most important days in a person’s life are when they are born and discover why. The journey of learning why he was born has taken him to places he never imagined. Growing up, he was never overly exceptional in anything, but what was not innate to him was compensated & produced by his hard work.

At a young age, his parents taught him how to work hard and push what he thinks is possible. His life was not crafted perfectly, but the presence of one significant person reminded him that there is a silver lining in his experiences. In every important moment of his growth stood someone that believed in him more than he did in himself.

When he was playing sports and felt uncertain about making the field, his coach was there to help him become who he wanted to be in football. As a pastor, countless mentors, co-workers, and fellow pastors guided him through the home runs and the strikeouts to become someone who led well over a thousand volunteers during his time in ministry. In starting his business after over a decade in ministry, his personal coach and a handful of businesspeople allowed him to stand on their shoulders; they endowed him with wisdom and how-to’s because they believe that Kyle was made to become the champion’s coach.

Unleash the Champ

As mentioned, Kyle is the founder of Unleash the Champ, where he also plays the role of CEO. He built his company to create a space for those longing to realize their potential and help them through the process; he aspires to lead them in discovering and stepping into the champion they were created to be. Ultimately, he wants to lead people to become fulfilled, magnetic, and influential. It is important to understand that most often these are men & women in significant leadership roles in business that have accumulated massive amounts of professional success, however, the areas of personal, relational, emotional, & spiritual life is not being lived out as a champ. Getting these leaders to understand that when we are living in a holistic and complete manner, the sky’s the limits for us professionally. That is when the championship run happens! 

Aside from coaching, Unleash the Champ also has a podcast, which Kyle himself spearheads. It showcases authentic conversations and practical leadership takeaways to help you prepare for success in every important area in life. In addition, Unleash The Champ Podcast with Kyle Sullivan will bring you energy, excitement, and encouragement through his and his guest’s stories. 

If you are interested in unleashing the champ within, you can follow Kyle Sullivan on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also visit his website and listen to the Unleash the Champ Leadership Podcast here.

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