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3 Things Life Coaching Startups Can Learn From Life Coach and Joy Expert Kelley Cunningham

Do you love helping people succeed? Or are you passionate about helping others overcome challenges and achieve goals in their personal and professional lives? This article can help you find your path to a successful career as a coach.

As a life coach, you need to be personable, enthusiastic, authentic—mentoring with calm confidence and a keen interest in helping others. Trust is a crucial component for good communication, and a strong level of trust between client and coach can optimize success in any coaching experience. Although trustworthiness is an essential trait a reputable coach needs, people are also coming to you for wisdom, solid, well-defined solutions, and emotional support through some of their most challenging life experiences. As a life coach, you should also be uplifting and encouraging while maintaining honesty. 

Kelley Cunningham is a transformational life coach who is taking the coaching industry by storm through her efforts in helping people create the life they have always dreamed of with Dreams by Design Coaching techniques. She is also a motivator and an author. Her upcoming book, THE POWER OF JOY, An Ultimate Guide To Living Your Best Life Ever, will launch in early 2022. Additionally, Kelley is the owner and Chief Joy Officer of JoyINC, a solution-focused coaching company.

To further catapult the powerful ripple effect of joy, a portion of her book proceeds will joyfully go towards supporting nonprofit charities and advocacies near and dear to Kelley’s heart. This includes Joyful Children’s Home, a small orphanage Kelley and her husband Jeffery Co-founded in Naibowa Parish, Uganda, and advocating for the rights of all indigenous peoples across North America.

How Kelley Became a Life Coach

Quite unexpectedly, even to herself, Kelley decided to become a life coach about a year after her husband suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, a sudden moment in time that pulled their family’s lives sideway, derailing entirely in every direction.  It was amidst the chaos of this tragedy that Kelley discovered the power of joy— powerful energy that lifted her and her family to not only merely survive that extremely challenging season in their life but to feel like they could thrive. Their healing journey took 27 months, and the entire experience could have suffocated Kelley’s faith with fear and stole her joy through sorrow. Still, she rose up and fiercely fought back, claiming an attitude of victory, not as a victim, proving that mindset is everything. Together with her family, they faced endless obstacles and discouragements, but thanks to their continued faith, Kelley conquered the chaos and found the simple moments of joy to renew her spirit. 

With her experiences and learnings, she wants to help you thrive in life, too, by discovering the power of joy! To help encourage others, Kelley certified as a professional life coach started her own business JoyINC and began to write her incredibly inspiring book of joy.

Life Coach Self-Evaluation 

Are you thinking of a career in life coaching, or perhaps you are new in the coaching space? Read the checklist below and see if you possess these essential traits for life coaching. 

  • Self-motivated: While you might find yourself working within an organization or company, life coaches are often self-employed and entrepreneurs. Managing behavior and self-monitoring oneself to maximize productivity when working toward your goals are considered assets in life coaching.
  • Excellent listening skills: While a therapist or psychologist advises and diagnoses patients, usually in the area of mental health, a life coach doesn’t directly give advice. Instead, they partner with their clients to move them toward a process of successfully achieving their goals by asking them thought-provoking questions that give the individual the opportunity to see a situation in a new light and empower them to self-direct their next steps.
  • Cheerleader: Life coaching is about motivating, inspiring, and most importantly, cheering their clients along the way to reaching optimal levels of success, revving up inner energy to drive their dreams forward. Having a life coach is like having your cheerleader encouraging you to recognize your full potential. 
  • Unbiased: Demonstrating genuine empathy towards their client’s situation without adding their opinions as they support the individual towards a solution will strengthen a coach’s ability to communicate effectively. Building trust and rapport ultimately make a solid platform for meaningful life coaching sessions and success.

Find Your Style

Joy is an attitude that exudes many positive attributes to create a conscious awareness to strengthen our spirit even when facing our greatest fears. For Kelley, she maximizes and fuels her practice with the energy of joy.  Kelley incorporates qualities like happiness, faith, love, harmony, and peace to tap into the energy of joy. By having the energy of joy and truly embodying it, she engages, inspires, and coaches others to achieve high levels of success. Despite Kelley’s success in life coaching by centering on joy, remember, each coach discovers their niche and personal style of coaching unique to them through the process. It’s like choosing an area of expertise, interest, or skill set, whatever feels most comfortable for you. 

Connect With People

As a life coach, you need to be comfortable becoming the listener, which allows you to make meaningful connections with people. Banking on this, Kelley is steadily growing an organic social media platform on Instagram. She has also been invited as a “Joy Expert” to speak in several podcasts and interviewed live by an Instagram account. She was featured in the online magazine titled Positivity and invited to write a piece in the published book called Unzenable. 

Early next year, her debut book, THE POWER OF JOY, An Ultimate Guide To Living Your Best Life Ever, will be launching. Kelley wrote the book to inspire others to harmoniously balance their journey in life with the powerful energy of joy. You will also find fun, relatable analogies to outline the concepts and connection to joy, bringing you closer to experiencing a lasting relationship with joy. Her personal experiences, stories, and ideas are validated with fact-based scientific findings throughout the guide. She also encourages and cheers you to discover a more intimate relationship with joy in your own life. Couldn’t we all use a little more joy? 

The role of a life coach is likely to include these complementary attributes: a self-starter, an active and intentional listener, and an enthusiastic, encouraging, and motivating cheerleader. In the end, the goal is to create change, new patterns of thinking, and leave a lasting impact for the betterment. 

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