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How Top Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Gets Motivated For The New Year

How Top Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Gets Motivated For The New Year

As every new year starts, many people come up with new resolutions or plans to make the coming year an improved version of the previous year. Only a few people actually carry this mentality past a few days into the new year.

We have one of those few people who can get and stay motivated throughout the year to share his tips on how he does it. Winston Deloney is an experienced real estate investor and since he entered the industry years back, every year has been a big step forward in his career.

These are the tips he shared on how he gets himself motivated for every new year.


To stay motivated, you must develop a plan where you highlight your goals and how you want to achieve them. Winston Deloney told us that he first draws up his long-term goals and breaks them down into short-term goals.

This helps him develop actionable steps that he knows that doing them would help him achieve his big goals. This makes the goals look very realistic and achievable and it can keep any diligent person motivated for the new year.

Identify the Purpose and Track Progress

A problem many people have with staying motivated is that their goals are distant for them. If you can sit down and identify the purpose and importance of each goal to your career or life in general, you would be motivated. When you understand the effect of every goal you set, it gets you motivated to achieve them.

Furthermore, start tracking how every task you complete takes you closer to hitting that big goal immediately. Few things can give that dopamine sensation like watching your own progress does. Don’t get lost in it though, ensure you keep making progress.

Speak to Mentors

Investor Winston Deloney also mentioned that at the start of every year, he speaks to people who are ahead of him on issues relating to career and lifestyle. Speaking to mentors early gives you a new motivation for the year.

It also helps to keep you on the right track to becoming bigger in your industry. A mentor would also help you identify things you can do that will ensure your steady career growth.

Build a motivating environment

The start of a new year is a very important time and the people you have around you at this time could set the tone for the rest of the year. Winston Deloney ensures he has positive friends who share similar goals with him around him at the start of every year. When you have motivated people around you, it gives you that morale boost you need to give the new year a great start. 

Positive people around also help you to overcome feelings of anxiety or depression that may have creeped in from the previous year. Positive friends would make your goals look realistic and enable you to be in a community to build your own positive self-talk. These would get you motivated for the year.

These are the tips for how Winston Deloney has been able to start every new year with new zeal. And so far, it has worked for him. You should try them out this coming year to be on the right track to success.

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