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What happens if Hypothyroidism is left untreated?

While hypothyroidism is a very difficult condition for patients to deal with, it can be treated and it can be controlled. However, this does not always happen, and this can lead to further complications for the patient. Some of the complications can be very serious, and it is always worthwhile maintaining contact and communications with your doctor so you can be certain you are managing the condition appropriately. The following complications are very possible, and should be handled very carefully if symptoms are noticed. 

The nervous system 

This can be quite alarming, and if any of the following areas presents itself, you are in a position where you should seek medical help immediately. 

● Trouble walking. You may find it difficult to walk without feeling some pain in your legs 

● You may experience some pain in your hands and feet 

● Talking may be challenging 

● It may be difficult for you to breathe 

● You may experience a hoarseness when talking 

Obviously, if more than one of these symptoms presents, then it is of utmost importance that you get some treatment immediately. 

Cardiovascular issues 

Your cardiovascular health is vital for obvious reasons. Having hypothyroidism can negatively impact your cardiovascular functioning. Again, this can be quite alarming when it happens, and medical treatment is urgent. 

You may experience: 

● A slower pulse 

● Abnormal heartbeats 

● You may experience a weaker pulse when you check for it 

There is better news here though. Many areas of cardiovascular health can be addressed quickly with the correct medication. Consult your doctor if the above occurs, and you should be able to find medication to regulate it more effectively. 

When it comes to medication, you should find that there are a number of products out there that really help with some of these symptoms. 

Renal Issues 

Your renal function is all about proper regulation of the waste output from your body. With complex hypothyroidism, you could find that your renal function is seriously compromised, with some potentially quite devastating consequences. 

The problem is that hypothyroidism can reduce the blood flow to your kidneys. When this happens, your kidneys cannot function as effectively as they used to. This can all come down to a situation where you find that you actually excrete less water. Obviously, with what is effectively the waste management system for your body, this can cause huge problems. 

Thyroid hormone treatment can usually solve the problem reasonably quickly. However, some patients find that the situation is so advanced that a full recovery can take a very long time. 


If you have hypothyroidism, it is important that you tell your doctor if you are also trying to have a baby. Most likely you are on some form of thyroid medication, and this will have to be very carefully monitored by the the doctor team that is looking after you pre and post birth. 

Unfortunately, hypothyroidism can cause some quite serious complications at birth, so if you know you have it and you are planning for a baby, the earlier you open discussions with your doctor, the better. 

The above complications are not always present in the life of people with hypothyroidism, but they are worth keeping an eye on. Good medication and proper doctor care should see you through most complications and issues.

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