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If You’re Done Feeling Judged and Stressed Out During Your Health Journey, You Need BFrank Coaching

BFrank Coaching Health Journey

Let’s face it: reaching out to a professional for help with your health and fitness journey can be intimidating and downright scary. 

When you’re already in such a vulnerable state, you may not necessarily want a nutritionist or personal trainer who’s going to make you feel bad about your choices. There’s also a fine line between straightforward and stress-inducing: you want a coach who’s going to be honest with you without outright shaming you. 

BFrank Coaching, a woman-owned business operated by certified nutritionist Bri Franklin, wants to take away the overwhelm and the intensity of other programs. Using a straightforward, holistic approach to health and wellness, Bri’s coaching program can teach you how to establish those small but significant habits that can change your life for the better. 

Who is Bri Franklin? 

Getting healthy can feel like a long and lonely journey when you don’t have the right support system behind you. So if you’re looking for a coach who knows her stuff (and has been there before!), Bri Franklin is your answer. 

Bri’s journey to health started after starting university: even though she was coming from an active background in which she dedicated much of her time to fitness and sports, she still found that her disorganized eating habits and overwhelm were holding her back from her full potential. It was only after years in the strength and conditioning industry (even starting her own facility) that she was able to fully grasp how to fuel and nourish her body sustainably. 

She decided to create BFrank Coaching after seeing how so many other people were struggling with the same issues. She wanted to teach others how to implement the concepts of fitness, nutrition, and whole-body health into their lifestyles. This BFrank Coaching program was created to address the time spent outside the gym, and all of the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that can get in the way of you achieving your goals.  

As someone who truly understands the ups and downs that come when you embark on a journey to improve your health, Bri created a truly unique program that actually enriches the lives of her clients. With a straightforward and practical approach, Bri aims to take away the overwhelm, shame, and stress-inducing mentality that are found all-too-commonly in the fitness industry. 

The BFrank Coaching Program 

The BFrank Coaching approach is strategic, straightforward, and nonjudgmental. The goal isn’t to stress you out or make you feel bad about your choices. Rather, Bri wants to teach you why you make the choices that you do, then redirect that energy with a solid education. In the end, her coaching program improves your relationship with food and your own body, and it empowers you to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

Because it is based on Bri’s own experiences and knowledge of health, the program goes so much further in-depth than covering the nutrition basics and fitness fundamentals. It involves a thorough education that covers everything from nutrition and exercise to stress management and gut health. 

The program then helps you develop your own formula to apply these concepts to your own life. In short, Bri’s coaching program gives you an in-depth education about the things that matter for your body, then shows you how to use this knowledge to establish healthy habits and sustainable lifestyle changes 

So Bri’s job isn’t to judge you and stress you out: it’s to guide you and offer a nonjudgemental hand in shaping your progress. 

How To Join The BFrank Coaching Experience 

BFrank Coaching offers three different program options to tailor to people at every stage of their fitness journey: 

  • One-on-one coaching: With this 1:1 coaching program, you get to work directly with Bri to find ways to improve your health habits. There are major advantages to this coaching option: not only do you get a thorough education, but you also get personalized, individualized feedback from a professional who can pinpoint both your weaknesses and strong points. 

Hiring Bri as a coach means that you have a personal mentor who gives you frank, straightforward advice. But you also have a cheerleader who keeps you motivated and celebrates your successes with you! 

  • Small group coaching: The BFrank Coaching Small Group program uses Bri’s Fundamental Formula and is the perfect option for someone who wants to take some of their learning into their own hands while still having the accountability and support of Bri and other like-minded clients. 

In this six-month educational coaching program, you’ll work off of an online educational curriculum that covers all the relevant topics you need to know to take your health into your own hands. You then learn how to tailor that Fundamental Formula to your own life, so that you are equipped with the knowledge you need to manage your wellness long after the program is over. 

You’ll also get a chance to connect with others who are also trying to change their lives for the better, establishing a supportive community with other people who get it. This fosters an understanding, judgment-free support system! 

  • Self-guided formula: The self-guided program is perfect for those who don’t necessarily need a coach, but still want a clear and integrated plan to help them understand the roots of their health struggles.  You’ll get an automated learning module program that educates you about all those fundamental pillars of health – nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindset, and more – then shows you how to integrate them into your own lifestyle. You also still receive automated accountability emails to keep you motivated every step of the way. 

Bri also offers other resources for clients and interested parties who want to enrich their lives with health education and take their health into their own hands. You can access her blog for free on her website, which has supplemental articles that touch on various health subjects like stress management, lifestyle, and mindset change. Her Instagram also has a wealth of helpful information and motivation, and you can purchase her 4 Systems Guidebook eBook for even more educational materials on optimizing your life. 


Bri Franklin’s passion for holistic health and meaningful lifestyle changes make her the perfect coach for anyone who wants to improve their life but doesn’t know where to start. Her program breaks away from the usual judgemental tactics and uses encouragement and empowerment instead – and this could be exactly what you need to finally reach your goals!

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