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Coin Dispute Network Shares Their Secret To Finding Lost Or Stolen Cryptocurrency

Coin Dispute Network Review

Due to the cryptocurrency industry being very much unregulated, fraudsters have taken advantage of this loophole to commit various crypto scams. As a result, it is frequent to hear about examples of stolen cryptocurrency in the news.

Occasionally, cryptocurrency owners also lose their crypto because they transferred them to the wrong account or misplaced the authentication keys that allowed them to access their accounts.

Whichever the situation may be, the question remains whether the coins can be recovered. In this interview, Coin Dispute Network discusses the operation of such a recovery process and its unique approach to assisting clients in getting their property back.

Does Coin Dispute Network company handle more stolen crypto cases or more lost crypto cases?

Most customers who need our services submit cases of lost cryptocurrency rather than incidents of stolen cryptocurrency.

This is because most exchanges are hard to hack, and more users are implementing security measures due to the increasing number of reports of stolen cryptocurrency.

We use various racing techniques for each scenario to guarantee that the assets are found and sent back to the client.

If a crypto theft victim contacts Coin Dispute Network to use their services, are there any costs involved?

Our flat rate for assisting clients in recovering their cryptocurrency ranges from 5 to 15% of the recovered assets.

The worth of your assets, different security difficulties, legal issues, and other intricacies may impact the cost and duration of your recovery.

At the beginning of the recovery procedure, the customer is not required to make any payments; all they must do is give us all the information we need to locate the cryptocurrency.

What information must be provided to start the process of recovering lost or stolen crypto?

We urge the victim to share as much information as possible to speed up recovery. This includes a summary of recent transactions made on the account, each of which must have the date, time, type of coin, and amount you sent to the exchange.

Additionally, you must provide any written or audio correspondence you exchanged with the perpetrator and evidence that you genuinely possessed the lost or stolen cryptocurrency.

How long will a person who uses Coin Dispute Network get back the stolen or lost assets?

Depending on the sophistication of the crime and whether the crypto exchange has been ready to cooperate on the case, the recovery of the funds typically takes three to six months.

If the crypto cannot be located within that time range, we can work on the case for an additional predetermined time.

If this is unsuccessful, our Head Recovery Analyst at Coin Dispute Network will discontinue our agreement with you, and you are free to look for other ways to get your cryptocurrency back.

What steps would you encourage cryptocurrency owners to take to avoid falling for the tricks of scammers?

Utilizing a secure password, two-factor authentication, and constant monitoring of crypto wallet transactions are some of the precautions cryptocurrency owners can implement.

Crypto owners should make an effort to only invest through reputable crypto exchanges and wallets. Every other critical authentication information should also be stored securely and backed up in a hard wallet.

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