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Changing the Game With I’m Possible Training

Iʼm Possible Training (IPT) is the leading authority when it comes to basketball skill enhancement trainer certifications. For aspiring trainers, this offer by IPT is designed to help individuals acquire skill enhancement knowledge and opportunities to propel their careers in the world of basketball training. 

Mark Kinnebrew is among those who have become certified trainers of IPT. He is currently known as one of the best trainers in the Country and is based in North Dakota. Several years after he joined the team, he was able to build his own 7,200 sq. ft. training facility. He is also the CEO of IPT North Dakota and the founder of IMPACT Basketball. Aside from training, he also offers his expertise to otherb basketball trainers in creating businesses of impact as the founder of Kinnetik – Court To Cash. If you want to follow Mark’s footsteps, then maybe it’s time to become a certified trainer of IPT!

How do I apply?

  1. Take the skill enhancement course

The Iʼm Possible Trainingʼs Skill Enhancement certification course in complete detail will be provided upon registration, which elaborates the foundation and formula of Iʼm Possible Trainingʼs methods. A test will be included for you to take, which can be directly accessed through your account. 

  1. Submit a video

Upon the completion of the Skill Enhancement Certification course, you will have to film yourself while executing an Iʼm Possible workout for the team to review. When you receive approval, you will then proceed to the next step.

  1. Choose your certification learning portal

It should be noted that trainers will only be acknowledged and certified insofar as they remain to participate in IPT’s continuing education. When you have passed the preceding steps, you will be allowed to activate your Iʼm Possible certification by choosing your level of access, namely standard access, and mastery access.

The former provides trainers with their own I’m Possible online profile, which allows you to access the I’m Possible Checklist Library with the All-Around Checklist app. The checklist library includes a myriad of quick demonstrations of all Micah Lancaster’s I’m Possible skills and methods. You would also have access to tutorials within the All-Around Checklist app. Ultimately, these materials are expected to assist trainers to gain a better understanding of the skills and methods that exist within the I’m Possible Checklist System.

On the other hand, the latter is crafted to give IPT’s most dedicated trainers a continuing education experience. This would allow them to learn how to run an I’m Possible Skill Lab and allow them to travel to different places. This premium access also includes an All-Around VIP Checklist Training System.

  1. Enjoy your I’m Possible Trainer perks

After you complete the steps and become a certified trainer under IPT, you can now enjoy the benefits that come with it! You will be invited to attend a free private I’m Possible Certified Trainer C\conference. In addition, you get to enjoy a 20% discount built into your trainer profile on and for online training university courses. Moreover, this year, the institution will provide you with proof of IPT certification through your IPT trainer web profile and a searchable trainer profile, as well as access to a private Facebook trainer community page access.

If you want to know more about Mark Kinnebrew and learn from one of the best in the game, you can reach him through Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website and the I’m Possible Training North Dakota page.

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