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What are the Physical, Mental, and Health Benefits of CBD Products?

As CBD becomes more and more mainstream and normalized, you might find yourself wondering about what CBD is and why everyone is raving about it. You may have questions about if the benefits are widespread, only for certain conditions, or if there are any real, science-based trials on the benefits of CBD.

Well, no need to look any further! In this article, we will take you through the world of benefits that CBD has either been linked to or has been proven by clinical trials. Let’s get into it!

Currently, there is one CBD medication on the market that is FDA regulated and approved. This medication is called Epidiolex, which can be prescribed and used as a treatment for specific forms of epilepsy. Although this is the only CBD medication that is approved by the FDA, other CBD users swear by it for an assortment of other benefits.

Folks who had acute back pain and osteoarthritis said that using CBD products helped reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain associated with their symptoms. Some people who suffer from extreme anxiety and depression and use CBD products said that their levels of anxiety and depression went down during their use of the products. 

Beyond this, there are things you should know about using CBD as a pain relief tool or as a mental health guide. The two main types of pain that we experience as humans are nerve pain and musculoskeletal pain. CBD has been linked to relieving pain symptoms in both categories. 

When CBD is being used to help heal or treat mental health issues, it should be used as a supporting factor in your mental health journey, rather than definitive treatment. In addition, you should talk to your doctor, physiatrist, or therapist before you begin making any huge changes to your mental health treatment.

CBD is still a very new area and although it is new, the industry is growing very rapidly. Because it is so new, it is hard to have confirmed and clear evidence supporting the use of CBD products or denouncing them. 

For example, some studies have shown that CBD treatments work best when there is a little bit of THC is left in the product, depending on the type of pain that the CBD product is being used to treat. This also makes it a more difficult situation when it comes to getting the products. 

In most cases, CBD is available for purchase over the counter or online, in domains such as C4 Healthlabs. This is the case for the majority of states, however, when THC is introduced into the equation, things can get a little more complex, such as needing a prescription for it. 

Please make sure that you consult with your doctor if you think this kind of treatment is right for you, and if you want to see what types of CBD products are available for purchase, check out C4 Healthlabs CBD products! 

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