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Forebrain Supplement Review: Cognitive Enhancement for Everyone?

There is a supplement for everything it seems like these days, all promising a multitude of benefits.

While I tend to gloss over a lot of different supplements that don’t help me personally in any way, Forebrain is one that sounded pretty intriguing.

I felt like the older I am getting, the tougher it is for me to stay sharp mentally with all that’s going on in my life. I wanted more clarity, sharper memory, and just a better sense of alertness overall.

As someone who has been burned by supplements in the past, I entered my trial period with Forebrain with an open mind. Literally and figuratively, as this is a cognitive enhancement supplement.

I knew there was a possibility it could work, but there was also a chance that it was just full of empty promises. Before getting into all the details, I just need to say that Forebrain exceeded my expectations (which is pretty awesome) and I’ve highlighted my experience with Forebrain below for everyone to check out.

Improved focus and ability to concentrate.

This promise of Forebrain is what ultimately hooked me at the beginning. I felt like I would daydream during the day at work. There were other times that I would simply wake up and feel like I needed an endless amount of coffee just to get through the morning. Forebrain is designed to specifically address that, and shortly after giving it a try, I did notice a difference.

There are a lot of benefits to being able to focus on a more consistent basis. I found I could be more productive in general, and it was something to help me through those tough times when I might otherwise feel a little bit tired or need two pots of coffee to function normally.

Forebrain: active ingredients.

As someone who has tried many different supplements, one of the first things I always examine is the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle.

No doubt, I don’t want to put a crap in my body. It is easy to examine the ingredients in Forebrain, as there are just three blends to look at.

The MemorySafe™ Blend is powered by Bacopa and COGNIGRAPE®. Bacopa is an herb from India, and it is very beneficial when it comes to helping memory recall. As for COGNIGRAPE®, it is believed to help enhance memory overall and increase sharpness.

The ThinkUp Advanced™ Blend has a few ingredients in it to help with neurotransmitter activity in the brain. That helps you see improvement in mental energy as well as alertness.

Finally, the BioBrain+™ Blend includes the powerful black pepper fruit extract. This helps a lot with overall absorption in the body.

Forebrain is gaining the “attention” of people everywhere.

I first heard about Forebrain from an ad I saw on a health website I was reading. Initially, I didn’t give it too much thought (no pun intended!).

However, I began hearing more and more people talking about it online, and reviews started popping up everywhere. On and, they posted complete reviews that really helped to push me over the edge and consider giving Forebrain a try.

It also helped that the brand Force Factor is behind Forebrain as well. They are well known in the supplement industry and I’ve heard of them, which was another reassuring factor.

Available at GNC and straight from the manufacturer.

I purchased Forebrain directly from their website at I did this because it was the only way to take advantage of their sample option (note, I did have to pay shipping and handling for the sample).

Forebrain is also sold at just about every GNC including online, so if you ever run low or are in a pinch, you can find it there.

The product is priced fairly for the numerous benefits it offers. A one-month supply currently runs you $69.99, which is cheaper than the cost of most energy drinks and lattes at your local coffee shop.

“Lasting thoughts” on Forebrain.

Men and women can both find themselves wanting more sharpness as they get older. It might be something that’s not noticeable at first, but it comes around eventually.

Staying ahead of things by addressing issues now could help in the future. I have definitely noticed a change in my life for the better, and others seem to be enjoying it as well – mainly people I work with because I’m more “on the ball”, as my coworkers often say.

With a lot of Forebrain review articles out there singing its praise, I guess you can officially add one more happy Forebrain user to the list!

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