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4 Expert Tricks For Selecting The Perfect Cashmere Leggings

Cashmere is a naturally soft material that is easy on the skin, doesn’t feel itchy or scratchy, and has moisture-wicking qualities often associated with synthetic fibers. For those with a penchant for fashion, cashmere leggings strike the ideal balance between perfectly hugged curves and comfort often reserved for lounge clothes. With the ability to become both casual or dressy with the right accessories, leggings made from cashmere are an ideal wardrobe staple that shouldn’t get overlooked!

Selecting The Right Cashmere Leggings

When shopping online, purchasing leggings is often a considerable hit or miss. The problem often becomes that all manufacturers size their clothing differently. Some leggings run small or short while others may run true to size. Getting the right fit is a crucial part of finding the right leggings as a staple in any wardrobe. Below are four expert tricks to ensure that cashmere leggings not only provide an adequate fit but are comfortable and have a long-lasting quality.

1. Considering Normal Pant Sizes

Cashmere leggings by no means should or do fit the same way that traditional pants do, but regular pant sizes can help provide a standard of measurement when shopping online for leggings. For example, if someone wears pants in a size small, it’s unlikely that they need medium or large leggings.

Sizing will often differ in a format based on country and location. Many brands rely on a standard measurement of using XS, S, M, L, or XL. Unfortunately, that’s not always the norm, and some variations are expected. European countries will provide measurements in centimeters while inches are the standard choice in the US.

An international size conversion chart is the best and simplest way to eliminate any potential for confusion. Most reputable brands have a clearly posted sizing chart available on their listings that makes it easier to select the right fit.

2. Getting The Right Measurements

The above tip serves as a good starting point for narrowing down sizes, but getting the most accurate fit involves actually measuring the waist, hips, and inseam. It is recommended that all measurements are taken with a flat stomach early in the morning before any food or drinks are ingested.

How To Measure

*Waist: Grab a tape measure and loop it around gently above the belly button. This area should remain the smallest portion of the waist.

*Hips: The measurements for the hips are best done when standing with feet planted firmly together. The measurements should reflect the fullest portion of the hips below the bones.

*Inseam: The length, or the inseam, should get measured from the inside of the thigh (crotch) to the bottom of the ankle bone.

Some shoppers with a curvy silhouette may also prefer to take added measurements of their thigh circumference. It’s not uncommon to find that the circumference of one thigh is bigger than the other, in which case, sizing up the cashmere leggings can help accommodate the extra bulk.

3. Opt For Stretchy Blends

Cashmere by nature is not a stretchy fabric, therefore, on its own, it would not provide a curve-hugging silhouette. Most reputable brands offering leggings made from cashmere will offer a blended textile that isn’t just made of cashmere, but also spandex to help keep the shape of the leggings.

Usually, leggings come in two varieties: four-way and two-way stretch. For those seeking to work out or perform rigorous activities in their leggings, a four-way stretch blend is a more forgiving option. Two-way stretch fabrics tend to run smaller in size and are more form-fitting in nature. Additionally, four-way stretch fabrics tend to hold their shapes much better and longer than their two-way stretch counterparts.

4. How To Know The Wrong Fit

Sometimes, finding the right-fitting cashmere leggings comes from understanding how to find the wrong fit first. Leggings that fit properly should remain opaque, and that means under no circumstances should skin peek through the surface. If the skin is showing, it means that the fit is too tight, and ordering a size up will eliminate the issue.

Leggings should have a fairly tight-fitted crotch when worn. Pooling fabric in the groin often points to a pair of leggings that’s too large. Purchasing a size smaller will usually address this issue. Of course, seeing a camel toe highlighting in the nether regions will often point to a pair of leggings much too tight for the wearer. This entails going approximately two sizes up to eliminate the problem. 

Regardless of the activity that leggings are worn for, they should never pinch or pull. Leggings should fit akin to a second skin while remaining comfortable. 

Ready For New Leggings?

Anyone shopping for a pair of cashmere leggings will find that QUINN has them covered! The brand literally stands for quality and innovation while offering affordable prices and premium products.

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