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Blumaka Insoles: Must-Have Equipment for All Athletes 

Goleta, Calif.(Hexa PR Wire–February 7, 2024)Blumaka® insoles deliver more power, control, and stability for athletes at all levels, results that have been proven in the lab,  training gyms, and on the playing field. 

In 2023, Blumaka insoles were in the shoes of elite athletes competing on the world stage in baseball, golf, tennis, football, and more. In August, Blumaka’s Konnect Max Cushion insole was named among the Best Running Insoles from  and in December, Blumaka’s Konnect and Comfort Max Cushion insoles were named the softest aftermarket insole by premier footwear testing lab Heeluxe.

“Blumaka insoles are the first insole I have worn that takes the pain in my feet away and gives me stability and comfort while I am managing the game,” says Bruce Bochy, Manager of the 2024 World Series Champion Texas Rangers. “This is a game changer for all coaches and players.” Bochy, a former MLB catcher, has 35 years of coaching experience and has led multiple teams to the World Series and Championship titles. 

Bochy’s testimonial is among many from coaches, athletes, and trainers on The newly redesigned site helps athletes and active individuals find the perfect insole from Blumaka’s signature Konnect and Comfort insole lines–available in Max Cushion, Low Profile, and Arch Support varieties.  

Promoting Overall Foot Health

Blumaka insoles promote healthy foot alignment and offer shock absorption, plus superior cushioning guaranteed to last 1,000 miles, more than double the mileage of manufacturer and other aftermarket insoles. All Blumaka insoles retail for $59 USD, priced to serve athletes at all levels and active individuals who understand that insoles are foundational to good foot health and overall wellness. 

Blumaka’s performance-focused insole line, the Konnect, features an anti-slip top cover, which is proven to increase ground reaction force and stability by gripping the foot inside the shoe. Konnect insoles have become an indispensable piece of equipment for athletes and trainers since debuting in 2021, helping athletes maintain balance and control, which can reduce strain and prevent injury as well. 

Athletes and Trainers Rely on Blumaka for Top Results

“I am such a huge fan of the Blumaka Konnect insoles, it is such an amazing product and I won’t pitch without them!” says Pablo López, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

Lab and field testing of the insoles show increased grip and control inside the shoe reduces the energy typically used for stabilizing the foot,  helping athletes focus that energy where they need it most.  That translates to faster club head speed for longer drives on the fairway, faster bat speed for bigger hits on the baseball field, higher jumps on the court, explosive sprints, powerful tennis strokes and pickleball dinks, faster technical trail running descents, and more. 

“I train some of the best athletes in the world across many sports: baseball, football, golf, you name it. I recommend Blumaka Konnect insoles to all my athletes because these insoles are literal game-changers,” says Kolby Tullier, professional multi-sport performance coach and owner of The Stable sports training center. “They improve performance by enabling you to start faster, stop faster, have more power when pushing or lifting, and increase stability.  Plus, they are just incredibly comfortable. When even 1% can be the difference between winning and losing you can’t afford to have your feet slipping inside your shoes.” 

Performance Footwear Powered by Sustainability

Blumaka is also spurring the sustainable athletic footwear movement, using cleaner manufacturing and up to 85% recycled foam for its game-changing insoles. Since launching in 2021, Blumaka has reclaimed nearly 100,000  pounds of foam bound for landfills and recycled it into its signature Konnect and Comfort  insole lines.

“At Blumaka, we’re redefining athletic performance and pioneering a new era of eco-consciousness in the industry, “ writes Blumaka’s Founder and  Chief Innovation Officer Stuart Jenkins, in a letter on the website capturing the Blumaka ethos of “Do Better” – a directive from Jenkins’ own mother which has driven innovations throughout his career. “Our flagship performance product, our insoles, incorporate up to 85% recycled content and are made using cleaner manufacturing–near-zero water and no chemicals. Sustainability is at the forefront of all our endeavors as we develop new products and build them to last longer.”

Blumaka was launched in 2021 by Stuart Jenkins, a 40-year veteran of the U.S.  footwear industry. Jenkins saw an opportunity to recycle scrap foam discarded by global footwear manufacturing and other sources and transform it into performance footwear components and consumer goods. Learn more at

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