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    How Damen Griffith Scaled His Business in the Health and Fitness Industry

    Being a successful fitness coach necessitates more than just passion, it requires a sustainable approach, which includes a business strategy and thorough preparation. By doing so, you can ensure your success in helping others achieve their goals and in garnering income. Take it from bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and full-time dad, Damen Griffith, who has turned his […]

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    Benefits of Living a Green Lifestyle

    People across the globe are adopting a green lifestyle, so what’s all the fuss about, besides wanting to save the planet? Reasons To Go Green Besides giving the planet a helping hand, going green is beneficial for every individual on a personal level. Increased resale value of a home Making your home eco-friendlier will make it […]

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    What Is Alcohol Metabolism

    alcoholic drinks

    Here’s a quick hypothetical. If you need a DUI lawyer in Boulder, what do you think transpired beforehand? If you guessed a night of heavy drinking followed by preventable tragedy, you’re on the right track, as consumption of alcohol comes with a wide range of deleterious health and wellness outcomes. A great many of those […]

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    Keeping Your Prostate Healthy and Happy

    The gland in your body responsible for fertility and possibly also having healthy erections, and just happens to enlarge with age, instead of shrinking is your prostate. Due to your prostate, as you age, you are more likely to use the restroom more often than you are regularly used to. You’ll have to know where […]

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    Dining room hacks: How I transformed my dining space

    For a long time, my dining room was functional – and nothing else. As a family, we dined, but that was everything. It was by no means any sort of feature in my home – which is what I crucially desired. Unfortunately, I don’t (and probably never will) possess the budget to splash thousands on […]

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    Winter Workout For All Ages

    woman doing yoga during winter

    Everyone knows that working out is important. Your physician, of course, will extoll the benefits exercise can bring, but even someone in a seemingly unrelated profession — like life insurance sales — would be able to lay out a whole host of reasons that physical activity is important. The question, then, isn’t whether or not […]

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    Three Medications Your Online Pharmacy Can Deliver

    There is so much we can accomplish on a daily basis. We try not to let anything slow us down. We can make money online, grocery shop online, and run various errands online — why should picking a prescription be any different?  Of course, prescriptions should only be taken under a health professional’s supervision. Telemedicine […]

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    If you Don’t Have an Instant Pot, You Are Missing Out

    There have been some incredible inventions that have made cooking and life in the kitchen a lot easier and fun. From simple things such as the kettle or toaster, through to the invention of the microwave which revolutionized the way we can cook and prepare food, there are always new products that pop up from […]

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    How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Telehealth

    Jack Plotkin Goldman

    Over the course of 2020, telehealth – or access to health care professionals via telephone or any electronic devices that enable video conferencing – has gone from a niche rarity to common practice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to ensure social distancing and prevent the spread of the disease as well as preserve personal […]